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10 Street Foods You Can Enjoy in Lagos

Lagos is a city that is bustling, full of energy and constantly on the move and the humans of Lagos love to eat as they go.

From early morning rush hours to late in the evening after work, you can find Lagosians munching away at one food or the other, and there are lots of street food vendors littered all over the city to satisfy the cravings that has birthed this new Lagos culture.

Wondering which are the most popular street foods in Lagos?

Here is a list of the most common street foods you will find in Lagos:

Puff puff

This is almost on top of the chart when it comes to street food in Lagos. You can see it sold alongside buns and egg rolls, and Lagosians love to eat it when its still hot. See the recipe to making puff puff here.


If you are a Nigerian and you have no idea what suya is, maybe you should begin to rethink your nationality. Suya is a national cuisine, and in Lagos, you can find suya joints on almost all major streets and junctions. There is the hilarious question as to why this street food is usually sold at night, but while you wait for professors to come up with the answer, keep calm and have the best of suya you can find in your locality.


Lagos Boli is in a world of its own. In other cities, it is usually sold with fish, but in Lagos – roasted groundnut just does the magic. It is the go-to food to kill hunger on the move.


This snack may have Middle Eastern roots, but it has become a favourite among Lagosians, especially with women. It does take a bit of waiting, but with the number of Sharwama joints around major areas of the city, there is no doubt about its place as a major street food people love to eat.

Fried Yam

Usually served with fried fish or fried chicken. The yam is usually sprinkled with salt to give a taste that will only remind you of city of lagoons – Lagos.

Plantain Chips

Now packaged and branded by different local food companies, plantain chips have taken over from gala (beef sausage rolls) and La Casera (apple-flavoured drink) as the new kings of Lagos traffic. You can find street hawkers holding up the snack as you make your way through the ever present Lagos traffic.

Akara and Pap

Beans cake they call it right? Akara must be eaten by every Nigerian and every visitor to the country – it is in the constitution (just kidding). Not only are the akara balls delicious, especially when made with a good amount of fresh pepper and chopped onions, they are also filling. They complement the maize pap that is is being served with, and you can find many construction workers eating away early mornings before work begins.


Imported from Eastern Nigeria, Abacha is so rich with vegetables that is has been christened “African Salad”. Usually carried around by street hawkers, it is the top choice among street food lovers in the city.

Noodles and Egg

The story of how this became a thing is unknown but this two-in-one delicacy is a common site on Lagos streets. Served by “abokis” from the North, the egg is usually boiled or fried and it can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner for both the office worker or the construction engineer.

Roasted Yam and Pepper Sauce

You might want to call this Boli, but it is actually the other choice if one doesn’t want to go for boli. The roasted yam just simply goes down well with the pepper sauce which comes with either smoked fish or pomo (softened cow’s hide).


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