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Shocking! Little boy discovers sleeping Snake on a plane

A little boy probably saved passengers on an Alaskan commuter flight from any of them suffering a snake bite after discovering a snake on the plane. A traveller on a previous journey had left his pet snake on board, and luckily the reptile, which was partially covered by a duffel bag was sleeping. The snake, estimated …

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6 Lovely Places to Spend Christmas Vacation in Nigeria

So you have had one hell of a year and really wanna unwind this Christmas? You know, let go off all that stress? Christmas vacation is just what you need. Nigeria boasts a number of sites amazing vacation sites that can give you the magic of stress relief and an enjoyable Christmas alone or with …

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Five Architectural Beauties in Lagos

The city of Lagos houses some of the architecturaal beauties you can find in Nigeria. It is one location that can never be omitted when speaking in detail about Nigeria. For many, it is a demi- Nigeria, because arguably all the tribes are represented in the city’s population. While yellow buses and traffic jams, intense …

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