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Watch: 2Baba Drops the Deeply Moving Visuals to Hit Single “Holy Holy”

After teasing fans with a clip of the video to his hit single, “Holy Holy”, 2Baba has today released the visuals to the hot tune.

The video, which shows the struggles of the Nigerian society, is nothing short of deep, moving and inspirational; totally in sync with the message of the song.

Directed  by the famous Clarence Peters, this is one of such videos that will contest for Video of the Year by the time the awards nights come rolling in.

2Baba’s “Holy Holy” is thoughtfully laced with symbolic images. Fela’s message of Nigerians suffering and smiling tandems with a Mercedes car pierced with sharp objects.

When the car finally explodes towards the end of the video, and 2Baba walks away from it holding a brand new Nigerian flag, you can tell he is preaching the gospel of a new Nigeria.

He is emphasizing that none is better than the other in the grand scheme of things, thus no need for placing judgments on another’s tribe, religion, social status or ideology.

The video is a simple call by the legend for us all to let go of that which holds us down for a new nation bereft of hypocrisy and pull-him-down syndrome.

2Baba plays the role of a prophet being attacked by the people he is preaching to – which reminds one of the events of the national protests he pulled out from.

However, the ‘prophet’ is being protected by a force field that stops the objects from harming him.

There is a ploicewoman, monarchs, lawyers and representatives of almost every aspect of Nigeria’s society throwing objects at him.

School children running from flying bullets reminds one of the Boko Haram syndrome, the kidnap of school children in Lagos, the Biafra situation in the East – all ills of our society.

Music videos like “Holy Holy” is the reason why 2Baba will remain an iconic figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Like it was rightly said by comedian Gordons, 2Baba knows just how to fight the good fight through his songs, and he has shown that once again through this video.

This video is a significant expression of the singer’s belief and passion for his motherland.

Watch ‘Holy holy” video below:

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